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Lagrange Minerals has a lithium brine project located in the Catamarca Province in northwest Argentina. This project consists of a 46 square kilometer salar (brine lake and surrounding concessions). The site is100% owned by Lagrange Minerals and its 5% minority Argentinian partners. 

Project Summary

Approximately USD$21.5M has been invested in work on the project between 2010 to 2018, including:

  • Extensive drilling campaign
    230 Auger holes, 39 Reverse Circulation, 19 Diamond drill holes, 26 Pumping & Monitoring wells
  • Pre-production well & pump tests completed
    48% effective porosity and high transmissivity confirmed, 29% average over entire basin
  • Gravity & seismic survey
  • Basin lithological and resource model

Additional hydrogeological testing completed in 2017 by Lagrange Minerals, focusing pump tests in the northern portion of the salar.

The NI 53-104 resource estimate includes an Indicated component of 305,300 tonnes of lithium at an average grade of 563 milligrams per litre (“mg/l”) (1,812,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent) (“LCE”) and 3,773,125 tonnes of potassium at an average grade of 6,205 mg/l (4,736,000 tonnes of potash (“KCl”) equivalent).  The resource estimate also established an inferred resource of 255,200 tonnes of lithium at 440 mg/l (1,932,000 tonnes of LCE) and 3,148,386 tonnes of potassium at 4,880 mg/l (4,445,000 tonnes KCl equivalent).

Lagrange Minerals are in extensive talks with large several global corporations from South Korea, Japan, China and the USA to enter a joint venture in order to reach a target of full production by the year 2021.